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Die effek van geselekteerde insekgroeireguleerders op die ontwikkeling van rooidopluis, Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell) (Hemiptera:Diaspididae)

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dc.contributor.author Van Wyk HPD en
dc.date.accessioned 2016-09-26T06:01:59Z
dc.date.available 2016-09-26T06:01:59Z
dc.date.submitted 1993 en
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11892/163058
dc.description.abstract The effect of three insect growth regulators namely, buprofezin (chitin synthesis inhibitor), pyriproxyfen (juvenile hormone mimic) and CGA 59205 (juvenile hormone mimic) on the developmental stages of red scale, "Aonidiella aurantii" (Maskell), were determined. All experiments, as well as the mass rearing of red scale, were done on butternuts, "Cucurbita moschata" (Tournhalle) L in an insectary at 25<sup>o</sup>C and 50 ± 10% relative humidity. The developmental stages of red scale were distinguished and treated as follows" white caps, nipple stage, first moult, second instar, second moult, virgin females and male pupae. Mortality was determined after the first moult, the second moult, inseminated females and emergence of the males. A number of adult females that survived specific treatments, were encircled with an Ant-Bar-ring and the number of crawlers produced by each female, were counted and removed weekly. All three insect growth regulators had a strong inhibiting effect on the males of red scale, except treatment of the pupae. This strong inhibiting effect is mainly because of the complete metamorphosis they have to undergo. If they survived the treated stage, mortality was mainly noticed during the pupal stage or emergence of the males. The females of red scale on the other hand are much less sensitive to insect growth regulators, mainly because of their incomplete metamorphosis. If they had survived the treated stage as well as the following moult, most of them survived to the reproductive stage. The most sensitive sessile stages to insect growth regulator treatment, in the case of the females, are the first instar and the first moult. The relative low concentrations that were used in the studies, did not significantly suppress crawler production of females which were treated at specific developmental stages. None the less can there be expected that crawler production will be suppressed at higher concentrations as that which inhibit development of the first developmental stages. en
dc.language Afrikaans en
dc.subject Zoology en
dc.subject Physiology and anatomy en
dc.title Die effek van geselekteerde insekgroeireguleerders op die ontwikkeling van rooidopluis, Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell) (Hemiptera:Diaspididae) en
dc.type Masters degree en
dc.description.degree MSc en

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