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Riglyne vir die fasilitering van strewe na heelheid van die pasi"ent met VIGS deur die verpleegkundige

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dc.contributor.author Torrente AC en
dc.date.accessioned 2016-09-22T09:55:54Z
dc.date.available 2016-09-22T09:55:54Z
dc.date.created 1992 en
dc.date.submitted 1992 en
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11892/66192
dc.description.abstract This research aims to explore and describe the experiences of the patient with Aids and formulating guidelines for nurses and psychiatric specialist nurses as consultants to facilitate the quest for wholeness of patients with Aids. This is an exploratory, descriptive contextual study of the internal experiences of a patient with Aids. By means of a goal-oriented convenience sample, five patients who complied with the set criteria were included in the research. In-depth exploration was achieved by way of the phenomological method of interviewing to obtain data. Interviews were recorded on tape and transcribed verbatim, while field notes were recorded immediately after the interviews. A combination of Giorgi and Kerlinger's methods of content analysis was used to analyse the data. An independent codifier decoded and analysed the data. It showed that the interaction between the internal and the external environment of the patient with Aids contributes to the patient experiencing mental discomfort. This causes coping mechanisms and problem-solving methods to fade and the patient's quest for wholeness is impaired. The application possibilities of the research are generally set out as regards practice, research and teaching, and also as specific guidelines set out in this research, the nurse can facilitate the patient's quest for wholeness. en
dc.language Afrikaans en
dc.subject Medical sciences: Nursing en
dc.subject Nursing with respect to specific diseases en
dc.title Riglyne vir die fasilitering van strewe na heelheid van die pasi"ent met VIGS deur die verpleegkundige en
dc.type Masters degree en
dc.description.degree MCur en

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